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    Robert Richardson (Cell15)

Robert Richardson (Cell15)

Cell15 is the brainchild of Robert Scott Richardson. In 2011, Robert decided he wanted to write in the progressive rock style that he loved. Raised on the great prog of the past, his love for King Crimson, Gentle Giant,Yes, Genesis, and Pink Floydinfluenced this musical decision. Twenty years of recovery gave him the subject matter and the advantage of owning his own recording studio gave him the place to work, so Cell15 was born. The idea of a concept album to tell the story of what happened in the past twenty years of his life served as the guide for where the music would go.

“This is the first time I had the lyrics in mind before the music was written. I had to keep the focus on the story being told.” – Robert Richardson

The debut release of “Chapter One” in September 2014 was well received internationally. Prog Rock radio stations were adding tracks to their playlists and an award was given as “Debut Album of the Year” on

In a review from affiliate Rob Rutz, Rob penned: “From the first recoil of the complex kit’s snare drum, followed by locomotive-strength symphonic keys, listeners are propelled like shot in a sling into Cell15’s powerful breakthrough debut album, “Chapter One.” This is a driving progressive rock concept album that’s befitting of the most-capable, well-powered sound system. Cell15’s Chapter One album goes beyond masterful poly-rhythmic drums, full-bodied keyboards and driving bass, though. It’s one hell of a story that portrays a dark life, capture and prison time, followed by twists of realization, understanding and an epic light show conclusion that begs for cathedral acoustics. Listeners are strapped into this soulfully sung script that was penned over a 20-year timeframe. Arranged and performed by veteran music artist Robert Richardson, Cell15 will remind listeners of Transatlantic, Genesis and IQ, but its classic rock influences and meaningful vocals would also entice any Kansas or Queen fan.”

In October of 2017, Cell15 played the inaugural year of the ProgStock Festival in Rahway, NJ, in addition to a show at the NJ Proghouse in June 2017. In 2018, Cell15 played the 15th Annual RoSFest (Rites of Spring Festival) in Gettysburg, PA, with Bob Richardson on vocals, drums, and keys, former Elephants of Scotland member Dan McDonald on bass, Circuline’s Andrew Colyer on keys, Shane Jones on guitar, and Ornan McLean as a guest drummer.

Prog Rock fans may be few but they are the most loyal and appreciative group of people who love the complexities of composition. Prog is the “Classical” music of today and will still be loved long after “Pop” music is forgotten.

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