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  • Sara Santilli - Internationally Acclaimed Funk-Pop Singer-Songwriter

About Sara Santilli

Multitalented artist Sara Santilli is a triple threat to the entertainment industry, with her vocals, dancing and acting. With three nominations and a music award under her belt, Sara combines classic and modern pop-funk, creating a unique yet powerful sound filled with intense passion and emotion.

Sara was born in Rome, Italy. Her gift of performing began at a young age and pushed her to becoming a phenomenon in her country. She became lead singer/actress at Teatro Della Verità in Rome, equivalent to The Pasadena Playhouse in Los Angeles.

In 2004, Sara become lead vocal/actress at Teatro Flaiano, and by 2006 she was considered highly in demand in the Rome music scene.

Her career continues to take off and she quickly becomes the first acclaimed Italian pop-funk artist. Her story continues to unfold, when in 2011 she decides to make a name for herself in the States and take her career to the next level.

By 2013, Miss Santilli receives her first music nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards ( for her collaboration with Melissa Malavasi on her single ‘I Choose My Self’. The following year Sara is nominated for her solo single ‘Slow Rider’ as ‘Best Blues Single 2014’ at the HMMA. Finally, in 2015 Sara earns her first Music Award at the HMMA with her single ‘I Drank In The Air’. This single is also featured in the Italian short movie ‘Leggere Salva La Vita’.

Sara writes a powerful song in the beginning of 2016, entitled ‘Downtown LA’ paying homage to her new home. She brings a blend of American and Italian roots to perfection. Through her interpretation, she creates a sense of belonging that we as humans all strive to find.

Miss Santilli’s passion is her true talent. Her natural gift of performing is what is guiding her to stardom.

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