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Classically trained cellist Ruti Machnai began her musical journey at the age of 8, exploring music at the highest establishments in Israel.

With extensive orchestral & chamber music experience, she moved to the US in 1997 to complete her degree in Cello Performance with Prof. Laurence Lesser at The New England Conservatory of Music, after which she became a member of the prestigious New World Symphony Orchestra in Miami.

Ruti participated in numerous acknowledged Summer programs such as The Boston University Tanglewood InstituteThe Verbier Music FestivalThe Shleswig Holstein Music Festival and The New Directions Cello Festival.

In the past 10 years, Ruti has become highly involved in the fields of music production, developing a unique genre of songwriting – a cross between Classical, New Age/ Acid Jazz, Lounge, Trip Hop & Dance Music. Her productions evolved by adding her own sultry vocals which led her to publish 2 solo albums- “Nocturnal Miniatures” and, “Its Just a Little Dream”, as well as the single “Some Days”, on which she produced and performed all the vocals and instruments.

In 2014, Ruti established and branded herself as “RutiCelli”, expressing a new meaningful connection with the cello as a songwriter, producer and performer.

Ruti collaborates with singer/ songwriter & guitarist extraordinaire Fernando Perdomo, and together they are the improvisational duo “Fern & Celli”– currently receiving local recognition as a unique progressive rock music act. They released their debut album “The Conversations” in the February 2017.

Other recent collaborators include progressive rock producer Dave Kerzner and singer- songwriters such as Ken SharpJim Camacho, SJ & Earl Kayoss.

With her supportive Soundcloud fan base and newly-successful 2017 Kickstarter Campaign, Ruti aims to reach out to audiences all over the globe, spreading messages of love, kindness and compassion through her lyrics.

Ruti Machnai is the Musical director at RutiCelli Music LLC where she teaches cello, sound programming, composition, and improvisation.

More About Fern & Celli…

Uncommon chemistry between guitarist/producer Fernando Perdomo and cellist/producer Ruti Celli lead to an album of soul-stirring improvisational duets released on February 6, 2017.

“The Conversations” by Fern & Celli, the stage name of the duo, is available on iTunes:

Fern & Celli have been getting a lot of buzz with the release of this new album full of songs that were chosen from hours of improvised acoustic guitar and cello duets between the two artists and will not be reproduced by them at live shows.

In February of 2017, Fern & Celli visited the “Folk & Acoustic Music” show with Michael Stock on WLRN, South Florida Public Radio:

Here’s some of what they had to say about the album:

“There’s a special connection that we have. We feel so free, and there’s an ability to predict what’s coming next, in a way. It’s magic!” – Ruti Celli on why she chooses to “jam” with Fernando Perdomo.

“It needed to be captured. I wanted the world to hear the magic that was happening between our two instruments.” – Fernando Perdomo on why he and Ruti Celli started recording their “jam” sessions.

“People have been requesting for us to play certain songs at our shows, and as much as I like taking requests, we just can’t do that! It’s the principle of what we are doing.” says Fernando and Ruti agrees. “I think we could recreate the songs, but it would defeat the purpose.”

Get a taste of Fern & Celli’s “The Conversations” on SoundCloud:

Fern & Celli also participated in a live interview and performance on Flux Radio Miami on Monday, February 13, 2017, 8 – 9 PM with a live broadcast on

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