Dateline: 11/29/16, Los Angeles, CA

Growing up in Bloomington, MN, in the 60’s, Chuck Murphy never imagined he would find himself singing “Peace Be With You” in 2016, but the message is still so necessary and powerful in a nation, and a world, so deeply in need of healing.

“Peace Be With You” is a song that starts off talking about a sibling rivalry. I quickly realized, as I was writing, it is also about our communities and our world. I have never lived any place in my life that did not need God’s hand; the wish or blessing of peace; and for people to leave the places they visit, live, and work better than they found them. – Chuck Murphy

To explain the inspiration for writing and producing the song, Murphy created a “Behind the Scenes” version of his video for “Peace Be With You”. Watch the video on YouTube.

“We need to get to the point again where we can open our hearts and our minds and embrace each other as a culture.” – Chuck Murphy

The song resonated so true to Murphy, it became the title track for his album, an album which broke into the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #197 in its 5th week of chart-topping successes. Holding steady at #1 on the Heatseeker Album Chart and #3 on the Americana/Folk Album Chart, it is obvious Chuck’s message is one people across the nation need and want to hear.

The album has continued to chart strongly in its 7th week (12/31/2016 data):

#1 on the Heatseeker Album Chart
#3 on the Americana/Folk Album Chart
#9 on the Independent Album Chart
#18 on the Top Rock Album Chart
top 10’s on all 8 of the regional Heatseeker Album Charts
#1’s in the Northeast, West North Central, South Central, Mid-Atlantic, and South-Atlantic regions.

The 11-track album was co-produced by Murphy and Jeff Silverman of Palette Music Studio Productions and is available at most online music retailers.

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The rhythms are light and usually lack drums or percussion grooves.
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