Gabriel's House on Netflix

Gabriel’s House on Netflix

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez ” is now available on Netflix. The image above was captured at the end of the documentary.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to see what was allowed to happen to this young boy and so many more.

This makes all of us at Music and Kids  so proud to be administering the music programming at the City of Palmdale’s Gabriel’s House, through a partnership with the City of Palmdale.

“Music and Kids will be the engine that will provide qualified instructors to develop and implement arts-related activities through our Gabriel’s House program.” — Mike Miller, Palmdale’s Director of Neighborhood Services

All of this attention has caused an upsurge in the number of families asking to have their children enrolled in the programming at Gabriel’s House. Now, more than ever, we need your help to meet the needs of our growing waiting list of students!

Music and Kids is a 501c3 non-profit established to bridge the growing gap between government-funded educational programs and private funding. As we see less and less funding allocated from state and federal budgets for Music and Art education, the short fall needs to be picked up by private funding.

“Especially for music lessons, where individualizing the lesson is so important, having students learning in a one-on-one environment with a paid, qualified instructor provides a much more stable program for both the students and the teachers.”  — Chuck Murphy, CEO and founder of Music and Kids

The City of Palmdale also hosts Sundays in Courson Park, where students from the program at Gabriel’s House perform alongside members of other local organizations. Sundays in the Park is an outreach program for the communities neighboring Courson Park in Palmdale, CA, in the Antelope Valley and brings joy, fellowship and entertainment to all who participate and attend. The students performing are currently or previously enrolled at Gabriel’s House and have shown progress and promise in their performance skills. Live performances enhance the skills being developed by the talented young people in the Gabriel’s House program and give them the feeling of accomplishment that should result from their hard work and practice.

Please consider making a donation to help us change the lives of these children.

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