“New Music Weekly magazine today announced its 2017 New Music Award’s winners, identifying artists, songs, radio stations (and their programmers) as well as industry executives in which NMA has recognized as noteworthy, ground-breaking and exceptional across multiple music genres. These selections were determined by open ballot voting throughout the radio industry and supporting fans within the music industry.

“We are thrilled to recognize this group of extraordinary artists who have struck a chord their fans and helped expand the boundaries of music in 2017,”– said Paul Loggins (Editor, New Music Weekly magazine)

“The NMAs are based on worldwide voting from the music community and demonstrates our commitment to music discovery and radio talents.” – states Larry Weir (Ediitor, New Music Weekly magazine)

The winners for the 2017 New Music Awards include Ed Sherran, Adele & The Chainsmokers who are top major label winners, while artists Chuck Murphy, Eileen Carey and Joey Canyon are among the many independent artist winners. Subscribers and music fans had a hand in the process via their votes online…”
Click here to view the article and list of winners on the New Music Weekly magazine website.