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From The Bronx, New York, prolific songwriter and musician Earl Kayoss has written over 700 songs and his website is called, rather appropriately Over700Songs.com. Earl says that the lyrics are the most important part of the creative process to him; with each of his songs, he wrote the lyrics first with the music springing out of the lyrics.

Earl is an ASCAP-registered songwriter and his ASCAP publishing company is “Vindictive Cat Ltd.” Several of his songs have been covered by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen from the Netherlands and by Lisa Polizzi in Long Island, NY, as well as others.

Earl released his debut album in 2009 called “Disarray.” An EP titled “Nancy’s Finger” along with his 2nd full length album “Beyond The Reach Of The Infinite Mercy Of God” both followed in 2014.

The band “Life On Mars” was formed in 2014 from a fateful collision between two worlds. Earl is the principle songwriter and artist on vocals and a bit of rhythm guitar. Fernando Perdomo is producer, artist on vocals, and playing almost all instruments. Other collaborators on this project include Ruti Celli, on vocals and cello, and Durga McBroom, of Pink Floyd fame, on lead and backing vocals. As the project “Life On Mars”, they have released three albums to critical acclaim: Far (2015), The Resurrection of Ants” (2017), and Trance Formation (2018). A special guest on “The Resurrection of Ants” is Cait Brennan, singing lead vocals on Earl’s “I Can Save Your Planet”.

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