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Chuck Murphy is an award-winning, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter from Palmdale, CA, originally hailing from Bloomington, MN ( His album, “Peace Be With You” broke into the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #197 in its fifth of eleven consecutive weeks of chart-topping successes. The album peaked at #1 on the Heatseeker Album Chart and #3 on the Americana/Folk Album Chart, and his latest maxi-single “How Many Times” hit #1 on the Hot Singles Sales Chart. The video for the hit single “How Many Times” has over 1 million views each on VEVO and YouTube.

Growing up in the 60’s, Murphy never imagined he would find himself singing “Peace Be With You” in 2016, but the message is still so necessary and powerful in a nation, and a world, so deeply in need of healing. The song resonated so true to Murphy, it became the title track for his album.

“Peace Be With You” is a song that starts off talking about a sibling rivalry. I quickly realized, as I was writing, it is also about our communities and our world. I have never lived any place in my life that did not need God’s hand; the wish or blessing of peace; and for people to leave the places they visit, live, and work better than they found them. – Chuck Murphy

Watch the inspiring video for “Peace Be With You” on YouTube:
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Songwriters often bring us that song we need to express our feelings, to reflect, and maybe even to heal. This is true of the new maxisingle by artist Chuck Murphy, which highlights three distinct versions of this tender song that speaks to love and loss and that feeling of helplessness we have all experienced.

“I know we’ve all lost something in life and stood there thinking, ‘Where do I go from here?'” says Chuck Murphy about his new single “How Many Times”.

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Watch the soul-awakening video for “How Many Times” on YouTube:

Along with his success on Billboard, Murphy has had three #1 hits on SoundCloud® with over 24 million listens to his song, Falling Star, which also held the #1 spot on SoundCloud’s country chart for six weeks and the #1 spot on SoundCloud’s folk and singer-songwriter chart for two weeks ( He has also had five songs go to #1 on the New Music Weekly, National Radio Hits, and Independent Music Network charts, with the “Peace Be With You” single going to #1 on all three charts on National Radio Hits (AC 40, Top 40, and Country), a rare and impressive crossover achievement for one song. Most recently, Big Coyote’s song “Free to Be Free” has also gone to #1 on the New Music Weekly AC and Independent Country Charts, the Independent Music Network Country Chart, and the National Radio Hits AC40 Chart and Chuck Murphy has been named Independent Music Network’s Favorite Male Country Artist of 2017.

Murphy has won several awards and garnered many award nominations, including the 2018 New Music Award from New Music Weekly Magazine as Chuck Murphy and Big Coyote for AC New Group of the Year; the 2017 New Music Award for Top 40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year; two 2016 Independent Music Network Awards for Entertainer of the Year and Favorite Country Single for his song “Cowgirls”; a 2016 New Music Award for AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year; two 2015 Independent Music Network Awards for Favorite Mainstream Impact Artist and Favorite Crossover Artist of the Year; a nomination for the 2017 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, where the hit song, “How Many Times”, was nominated in the category Americana/Folk/Acoustic Song of the Year; and two nominations for the 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, where the hit song “Falling Star” was nominated in the category Americana/Folk/Acoustic Song of the Year and the title track of the EP, “Peace Be With You”, in Singer-Songwriter.

“Quite simply, he is another one of the great American songwriters of this era, writing lyrics that are literate, poetic and mesmerizing.“ – Rick Jamm, Jamsphere

Murphy has written and produced music for several independent movies. He has also produced CDs for Maxwell’s Cafe, Rebecca Leland and EJ Dease (Elisa Fiorillo) from Prince’s NPG Band.

Over the years, Murphy has worked with many notable entertainers including Orleans, Robbie Dupree, James Walsh, David Barry, Jeff Silverman, Jack Williams, EJ Dease, Debra Lyn, Leon Wilkerson, and many more.

As a writer, Murphy draws from his personal experience and social commentary from trends to politics. After 16 years of working together writing songs and producing music, the EP “Peace Be With You” is a labor of love for Murphy and co-producer Jeff Silverman of Palette Music Studio Productions ( A remix of the title track, produced and arranged by Silverman, was submitted for consideration for the 59th Grammy Awards.

Murphy has also created a “Behind the Scenes” version of his video for Peace Be With You, in which he explains the inspiration for writing and producing the song.

Watch the video for “Peace Be With You – Behind the Scenes” on YouTube:
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“We need to get to the point again where we can open our hearts and our minds and embrace each other as a culture.” – Chuck Murphy

Murphy formed Big Coyote in 2010 to perform and record his vision. At the same time, he began One West Media to support the band through visual media and One West Records for his projects. Big Coyote is a hard driving Country Rock and Blues band. Their music emphasizes country rock rhythms and guitar leads with lyrics extolling the values in America. Big Coyote has put love and passion into Chuck’s “Peace Be With You” project with every note they have played. Big Coyote is currently in the studio recording their first album as a group. The newest single from Chuck Murphy, “Free To Be Free”, comes from this project.

The artist doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk! He believes in giving back. He has formed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Music and Kids, to organize his efforts to help young people learn about the music industry, develop their talents, and pursue careers in music. Music and Kids identifies gifted young people and assists their efforts with scholarships for one-on-one, after school music lessons with paid, qualified instructors. Music and Kids has recently formed partnerships with the City of Palmdale, CA, and the Child Safety Network, a national organization dedicated to the promotion of child safety.

“After releasing my new album, and all the successes I have enjoyed with this project, I felt it was important to share my story with the next generation of artists!” – Chuck Murphy

Chuck Murphy & Napynap perform to bring attention to Music and Kids and all proceeds from their performances and album sales go to fund the mission of Music and Kids (

“Every day I wake up and ask for the strength to be the best I can be — the strength, the wisdom and courage to deal with today the best I can.” – Chuck Murphy

With his meaningful lyrics; beautiful arrangements, instrumentation, and vocals; and his kind and philanthropic nature, it’s no wonder Murphy and his songs are charting so well and winning so many awards.

“Peace Be With You” EP and Chuck Murphy get rave reviews:

“Chuck Murphy has a flash-fire hit at radio and make no mistake about it. His debut single “How Many Times” from One West Records is on fire at the format and this track is also moving across formats in a very big way. Look for a very bright future and even better things to come from the amazing Chuck Murphy.”
– Larry Weir, New Music Weekly

“Quite simply, he is another one of the great American songwriters of this era, writing lyrics that are literate, poetic and mesmerizing. He’s easily the equal of some of the greats, the only difference being that, at least right now, I’d much rather listen to Murphy…
Chuck Murphy exudes the same fleshed-out, but simple elegance which James Taylor delivers in his musical arrangements – solid melodies, luscious harmonies and a talented group of musicians playing in a tight, lean, and understated style. This forms the perfect platform for Murphy’s smooth, expressive voice and his multidimensional guitar styles…” – Rick Jamm, Jamsphere
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“CHUCK MURPHY is back at radio with another gem in “Falling Star” (One West). The new single, a tribute to the late Glenn Frey, is moving at rapid speed on our AC40 chart and the track is also making bold moves at New Music Weekly and at FMQB…” – Debi Fee/ FAF MEDIA GROUP
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“That Chuck Murphy is an incredible songwriter and performer who is clearly on a rapid ascension within Americana music, becomes in more vivid when play the track “Peace be with you”. This is wonderful music executed to near perfection. For the Southern folk and rock fan who likes a little country twist (no tacky country cheese or twang), or the folk and country fan who is ready to abandon manufactured paint-by-numbers sound-alikes, try this out…” – Jeena Johnson, Soundlooks, The Music Journal
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“Chuck Murphy’s “Peace Be With You” is a timeless piece of Americana, tying together the smoothed-out sounds of seventies’ rock, country guitar, and a whole heap of charisma to make for a delightful outing. Murphy’s vocals are unparalleled, possessing a familiarity while being wholly unique. The multiple vocal layers on Peace Be With You give a certain substance to the single; the story told within its four minutes is much greater than what typically resides in a song. With hints of Warren Zevon and Tom Petty, Chuck Murphy succeeds with his latest work.” –  James McQuiston,
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